x Depop

Depop and Benetton join forces for a collaboration that celebrates shared essential values: diversity, inclusion and sustainability. A meeting that discusses the revolutionary nature of Benetton, through the energy and expressive force of creative community Depop.

Depop x Benetton is intended to give way to those who take a stand and break the rules. Like @YouthClubStore, who is committed to promoting a more aware fashion consumption. Like @ArchiveSix, who discusses her story of emancipation as a black, female, entrepreneur. Ballerina @Ayo talks about the importance of knowing how to accept and love yourself. @Hadiyahh favors a realistic representation of the feminine body in the media.

Important messages, also told through product: a selection of rare, vintage Benetton pieces will be worn by the speakers and will be for sale on the Depop app.

The collection includes pieces that express Benetton’s eclectic spirit and focus on color. Rugby polos, color block sweatshirts, denim patchwork jackets, diamond pattern sweaters and linen shorts. All selected by British and American vendors specialized in second-hand and vintage apparel. Unique pieces for sale on the Depop app starting on 31 May.