Regenerated nylon

What is a swimsuit made of?
Most of the swimsuits on the market are made of nylon, a laboratory synthesized polymer that is light, elastic, resistant but also difficult to dispose of.
A selection of items from the United Colors of Benetton Beachwear Collection is made of ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from waste and production scraps. ECONYL® maintains the same characteristics and performance as nylon, and it is infinitely recyclable.
To achieve this, we used 15 tons of waste, a quarter of which is made up of used fishing nets. In this way, we saved 90 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 106 barrels of oil.
By purchasing an ECONYL® swimsuit, help us clean up the waste on the planet and reduce the environmental impact of the production of synthetic fibers.

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