Raw Materials

Today our customers ask us for more sustainable, quality products.
For this reason, we carefully select the raw materials, preferring those with a reduced environmental impact. Currently, 85% of the fibers in our garments are of natural origin - and therefore can be disposed of without damaging the environment - and about half of our garments are made of single-fiber material, which is easier to recycle.
Wool and cotton are the pillars of our collections. Today, 94% of wool (single-fiber) garments are made from 100% virgin wool, without added regenerated or unnatural fibers, and the cotton used in more than half of our cotton garments is grown according to the principles of organic farming, without GMOs and with less environmental impact.
But our commitment does not stop there. In May 2017, United Colors of Benetton obtained the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification, a protocol that guarantees that feathers and duvets used in our collections derive from geese and ducks raised for food in accordance with the principles of animal welfare.
Furthermore, our research laboratories are constantly busy discovering new high-tech fibers and yarns that can guarantee great performance while respecting the environment and animals.