with Susan Bhaktul

The world’s resources are not infinite but each one of us can do something to safeguard the planet and protect the ecosystem.

Reduce the consumption of paper, opt for reusable products, use means of transport as little as possible. What should a sustainable society do to promote harmony between humans and the environment and to preserve resources for future generations?

We discussed it in “A sustainable society: how we all have something to contribute”, the last event of Green B Talks, our sustainability project that came to an end with a panel moderated by Susan Bhaktul. Together with Jasleen Kaur Gumber, Benetton India's Head of Marketing and PR, she asked her guests to share their experiences and also some advice on how to become true champions of sustainability.

Chinu Kwatra, philanthropist from Mumbai who manages the non-profit organization “Khushiyaan Foundation” and who dedicates himself to cleaning beaches, told us his story and revealed the biggest challenge of sustainability in his opinion. Masoom Minawala, pioneer in the world of Indian blogging and influencer with more than a million followers, explained to us how she uses her social media channels to raise awareness about sustainability.

Mira Rajput, environmentalist and influencer with a huge social media follower, spoke about how important it is to educate future generations and push them into giving their own small contribution to the environment.

Watch the video of the panel with Susan Bhaktul and her special guests and don’t miss the final appointment of our Green B Talks.

Susan Bhaktul

Susan Bhaktul is an expert in the apparel, fashion and natural fibre sector. For years she’s been at the helm of “Industree Foundation,” and organization that is committed to co-creating an eco-system with farmers and artisans, giving life to a new way of building sustainable enterprises and conceiving work culture. Under her guidance, “Industree” has reached new levels and achieved important milestones.