isn't everything

We've been in this industry since 1965. For us, it's about more than making trendy clothes. We care about the people who will wear them and the environment that surrounds us.

We care about what's in your clothes. Our collections employ 80% natural fibres and some of our products are made out of recycled and regenerated materials. We aim to be using only sustainable cotton by 2025.

We care about where your clothes come from. That’s why we ask our suppliers in Europe and around the world to agree to a Code of Conduct. It ensures they respect human rights and protect the planet.

We care about how your clothes are made. We actively strive to reduce our environmental impact throughout our production process, by avoiding toxic chemicals.

We care about how your clothes reach you. We study the best solutions to ship them around the world, so that you can receive them in one of our energy-efficient stores or directly at home, wrapped in sustainable packaging.

We care about how long your clothes last. We are committed to uncompromising quality and show you how to repair your garments and extend their life cycle. Half of them are monofibre, making them easy to recycle.

It's not empty talk. It's a commitment certified by some of the world's most prestigious organisations in the sustainability field. We are a Greenpeace global Detox leader and Fashion Transparency Index's top Italian fashion brand for transparency.

It's not marketing. It's part of our history. We pioneered a collection service for second-hand garments, for instance, and were among the first brands to join the conversation around fossil fuels and climate change.

It is a long journey, but we are sure that we are on the right track. Thanks to people like you, who keep us going down the path to sustainability.