B sustainable, today

On the occasion of Earth Day, Benetton Group presents GREEN B, the project that rounds up all the brand’s initiatives for sustainability.
From product conception and creation to the supply chain, from energetic efficiency to attention for the community, a well-rounded vision that highlights the commitment for the environment and for people.

Today, all of this has a flag and a symbol. As a matter of fact, GREEN B represents the sustainable identity of Benetton Group and its people.

The logo chosen is a bee, graphically elaborated using our iconic knit. The symbol of contribution that everyone can give within a beehive, that grows and expands just like our commitment to sustainability.

“GREEN B unites various Benetton core principles. Green like the color of the logo that has made the brand famous all over the world. B like the initial of the name of its founders, but also like “to be” – because sustainability is part of our essence – and like “bee,” a small industrial and collaborative insect, whose absence would create an ecosystem crisis,” as explained by Massimo Renon, Benetton Group CEO. “GREEN B is the ambassador of Benetton’s innate green soul, the symbol of everything that is sustainable in us.”