Denim, color blocks, fun prints: the new Kids’ Collection also perfectly blends the United Colors of Benetton classics with trendier pieces, revamped with a cool twist for the summer.
In SS24, basic garments for school and free time mix with more elegant looks that can also be worn for ceremonies and special occasions.

The maxi stripes liven up mini dresses, skirts and tank tops for girls, while the thin stripes give off a "chic" allure on seersucker tops and balloon dresses. But the iconic stripes, a mainstay for the brand, also make a grand return to kids’ wardrobes and become the graphic element on sweatshirts, collared polo shirts, socks and shorts.

The palette ranges from versatile colors, such as white, cream, ecru and blue, to dashes of ice cream pink, red and lime yellow. And the tie-dye shades, the color block and the new fresh seasonal patterns give a lively touch to every look.

Even for newborns and the little ones, UCB fashion is always a guaranteed go-to: from the cute prints - bunnies, chess, horses - to the quality of the fabrics, all the models, from onesies to bloomers to small polo shirts, are perfect allies for the first warm.